Step 2.0: Introduction (7 min)

7:19 minutes

Here we begin breaking down global  “ADHD challenges with sleep” 
into what might be your or your ADHD Partner’s specific issues.

Again, we're not talking about problem-solving yet.  We can’t even think about problem-solving until we hone in on identifying the problem.

We’ll do that in 8 lessons within this step, which you can see listed on this course page.  But I'll list them here, too:

  1. Getting a Real-Life Picture: Three Examples
  2. Categorizing Common Issues By Appearances
  3. Considering 7 Good Reasons to Get Good Sleep
  4. Connecting Sleep Issues to Couple Issues
  5. Categorizing ADHD Sleep Challenges  by Research
  6. Highlighting Research #1: Circadian Rhythm Disorder
  7. Highlighting Research #2: RLS and PLMS
  8. Highlighting Research  #3:  Sleep Apnea and SDB