Step 5.6 Is Medication A Quick Fix — Or a Last Resort? (15 min)

15:11 minutes

Is medication a quick fix—or a last resort?

If we want to be responsible, we should view medication — for ourselves, our loved ones, our children — as only a last resort, right? Exhausting ALL other possible options. 

And, isn’t it sort of cheating — taking the easy way out, taking a performance drug to become what….higher-performing? What do you think?

I think there is lots of gray area here.

In this fairly quick Step 5-6,  we consider the question from a few angles:

  1.  How much are you willing to pay for the “last resort” perspective?
  2.  A story about a young man thwarted in his passionate goal of becoming a computer scientist- despite his very best efforts.
  3.  Reminding that medication is not a silver bullet
  4.  Asking, does everyone with ADHD need medication?
  5.  The myth about the “quick fix” and the cost of the “last resort” perspective