Bonus - Chicken or Egg? (23 min)

22:47 minutes

It's a common question, which comes first? 

  • ADHD or Poor Sleep? 
  • ADHD or Poor Diet? 
  • ADHD or Disorganization?

Turns out it's actually a bi-directional effect - meaning each exacerbates the other. In other words, ADHD exacerbates poor sleep, and poor sleep exacerbates ADHD.

Same goes for diet and other lifestyle habits.  Scolding, nagging, and blaming a person for their "bad habits" is neither compassionate nor competent problem-solving.

Many folks with ADHD are grappling with several of these chicken-egg dilemmas.

That is why I consider  Course 2 as critical to the framework of Solving your Adult ADHD Puzzle. The overall goal here?  Finally getting all these movings parts of your life to get in sync!