Bonus - Chicken or Egg? (25 min)

25:31 minutes

It's a common question, which comes first? 

  • ADHD or Poor Sleep? 

  • ADHD or Poor Diet? 

  • ADHD or Disorganization?

Turns out it's actually a bi-directional effect - meaning each exacerbates the other. In other words, ADHD exacerbates poor sleep, and poor sleep exacerbates ADHD.

Same goes for diet and other lifestyle habits. Scolding, nagging, and blaming a person for their "bad habits" is neither compassionate nor competent problem-solving.

Many folks with ADHD are grappling with several of these chicken-egg dilemmas.

That is why I consider  Course 2 as critical to the framework of Solving your Adult ADHD Puzzle. The overall goal here? Finally getting all these movings parts of your life to get in sync!

Find the referenced Swedish Study information in my post ADHD Poses Risks for Serious Health Conditions and Diseases